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What is Nano Needling?

Nano needling, also know as “nano infusion” or "micro channeling" is a popular anti aging treatment that’s known for it's skin rejuvenating benefits! Nano Needling is a fully customizable, non-invasive procedure that creates microscopic channels in the skin using a small device, breaking up dead skin cells and allowing for optimal product absorption. This then triggers the skin’s natural healing process - the skin produces more collagen and elastin to ‘heal’ the micro injuries, which results in improved skin health and a reduction to the visible signs of aging. Nano-needling improves the overall appearance, tone, and texture of the skin, helps reduce acne scarring and boosts collagen production.

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Nano Needling with Ampoule Infusion in Bastrop, TX

What products are used with nano needling?

At Bisous Esthetics in Bastrop, TX, Nano Needling is performed using a professional grade ampoule for an added boost of anti aging and skin nourishing ingredients. One of the following ampoules will be chosen for your nano infusion treatment based on your skin's exact needs.

Marine Collagen: This type of Collagen easily absorbs into skin, plumps, deeply hydrates, and nourishes dry skin.

Vitamin C: Brightening, skin healing benefits. Free radical fighter that reduces sun damage for a radiant appearance.

Growth Factor: Promotes appearance of more youthful skin. Stimulates skins renewal process, helps to fade acne scarring.

Elastin and Collagen: For mature skin, helps to firm connective tissues, hydrates and plumps skin reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime. Unlike other similar treatments, nano needling mostly risk-free and pain-free! No numbing cream is required. You may notice a little redness following treatment that will quickly fade.

Will I see improvement after one treatment?

After a single nano-needling treatment, your skin will be noticeably smooth, hydrated, and the appearance of your skin should continue to improve over the following weeks with proper home care. A series of treatments are recommended to see more enhanced results. Nano needling treatment packages are available for a discounted price.


Pregnancy, blood thinner medications, diabetes, cancer, damaged skin barrier



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