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All about the Glass Skin Facial

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin is a term used to describe a skin state that has a radiant, translucent appearance and a healthy, hydrated skin barrier that gives off a luminous glow. Glass skin is about having healthy, glowing skin over the "pursuit" of flawlessness.

What is the Glass Skin Facial?

The Glass Skin Facial at Bisous Esthetics is an indulgent, unique treatment using high-quality, nourishing Korean Skincare products. A super hydrating, anti-aging, barrier-repairing treatment guaranteed to give you that luminous, "glass skin" glow. Say goodbye to dullness, fine lines and hello to healthy, hydrated, visibly glowing skin!

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Glass Skin Facial at Bisous Esthetics | Bastrop TX

Begin your treatment with steam and a unique aromatherapy blend to relax the senses and prepare your skin for a deep cleansing treatment. The first cleanse is a citrusy Vitamin C cream facial cleanser that contains healing properties and evens out skin tone. The second cleanse is a foaming, balancing cleanser that nourishes and deeply cleanses skin using gentle ingredients which is then removed using ultrasonic technology that will efficiently removes dead cells, unclogs any pores, revealing noticeably soft, smooth skin!

The next step is the application of an exfoliating toner that effectively removes any remaining oils and impurities to reveal radiant skin. Niacinamide is a featured ingredient in this toner that will help to minimize the appearance of pores and visibly brighten skin, while chamomile provides calming benefits.

Experience Gua Sha facial sculpting using a avocado and tumeric facial oil that's safe for all skin types. Your face will be noticeably lifted after!

Revitalize skin with Oxygen Infusion combined with a professional-grade ampoule best suited for your skin needs.

A super indulgent, wrinkle-fighting Collagen-Peptide face, neck, and declotte Korean Sheet mask will then be applied. While your skin soaks up all the renewing ingredients, receive light scalp acupressure and a neck and shoulder massage using a therapeutic oil that releases muscle tension.

Following the mask, eye cream, and a hydrating, plant-based barrier protecting moisturizer is applied, sunscreen, and ultra hydrating lip balm.

Finish with another round of face, neck, and declotte Oxygen Infusion using all of the remaining ampoule to give an extra boost of radiance! Take home a complimentary Karuna Sheet Mask and treat yourself to some self care at home.

Book your super indulgent, luxurious Glass Skin Korean Facial Treatment at Bisous Esthetics and give your skin the extra attention it deserves! This is a wonderful treatment for all skin types due to the gentle nature of the products being used, even super sensitive skin! Your skin will be noticeably softer, hydrated, and glowing after the Glass Skin Treatment.

Ashley Moody, Licensed Esthetician

Bisous Esthetics

702 Chestnut st, Suite 106

Bastrop, TX 78602

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