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"Maximizing the Benefits: Pre and Post Procedure Tips for Chemical Peels"

Bastrop Chemical Peels, Anti Aging | Bisous Esthetics, Bastrop Texas
Chemical Peel Care | Bisous Esthetics, Bastrop Texas

Chemical Peels are a great choice for improving the overall appearance of your skin and promoting a healthier glow. Bisous Esthetics offers Chemical Peel treatments with minimal downtime that improve the tone and texture of your skin, help to diminish signs of aging by stimulating collagen and elastin growth, reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring, and control acne breakouts.

A series of treatments is usually recommended for longer lasting results.

To maximize the benefits and a better healing process, home care is important. Here are a few pre and post procedure tips for Chemical Peels


  • Discontinue the use of any Retinol, Glycolic, AHA/BHA's, or other exfoliation products 3 days prior to treatment

  • No waxing, electrolysis, or other hair removal methods to be performed 7 days prior to treatment

  • No self tanners

  • No Botox or filler 7 days prior to treatment


  • Stay out of the sun! SPF is to be applied before any sun exposure.

  • Drink more water, this will help with repairing your skin barrier

  • Avoid exercising for at least 72 hours

  • Use a gentle, light moisturizer for a week following peel, be sure not over apply

  • No picking or peeling off flaky skin

Bisous Esthetics in Bastrop, Texas offers a range of chemical peels that are safe for all skin types. Post Peel take-home kits are available for purchase with Chemical Peel treatment. Opening March 2024!


"Glymed+ Purely Professional Manual, Ninth Edition"

" Glymed+ Protocol Manual, Fourth Edition"


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